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Basic/Core Area Health Education Centers

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Criteria for selecting proposals...

In determining the funding of applications, consideration is given to: (I) RESPONSE The degree to which the proposed project responds to the program requirements as set forth in Sections 751(a)(l) and 751(a)(2) of the PHS Act, as amended; the clarity of the proposed project objectives and their relationship to the identified need(s); and, the extent to which the proposed project activities are capable of addressing the identified need(s) and attaining the project objectives; (2). NEED The extent of the need(s) (as evidenced by the applicant's description of the demographics, the health status of the population, and associated contributing factors) which the proposed AHEC project intends to address in the area(s) to be served by the area health education center(s); (3) IMPACT The potential of the reposed AHEC program and participating center(s) to continue on a self sustaining basis, the extent and effectiveness of plans for dissemination of project results, the extent to which project results maybe national in scope and the degree to which the project activities are replieable; (4) SUPPORT REQUESTED The reasonableness of the proposed budget and resources in relation to the objectives, the scope of the project, the complexity of activities, and the anticipated results; (5) EVALUATIVE MEASURES The effectiveness of the method proposed to monitor and evaluate achievement of project objectives; the extent to which the proposed project adequately responds to AHEC Program performance measures and outcome indicators. The points will be allocated across the performance measures of Distribution, Diversity, and Quality.